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Welcome to our ✨new✨ business directory!

We have featured over 120 businesses in Australia that are owned by refugees and people seeking asylum, who come from gender diverse backgrounds!

We are still migrating the 100+ business listings to our new directory, with new listings being added every week. In the meantime, if you’d like to view all our business listings you can do so via the classic view.

Recently added


MJ Painting Services

A kunafeh with a heart design on top and surrounded by crushed pistachios

Kunafeh House

Akira Grateful

Tuka Tuka KothuRoti Man

East African Sisters

ASRC Cleaning

Cafe Sunshine & SalamaTea

Music in Exile

Vintage Rendering

A Tuk

Hala Sekak Art

Donde Mama

The Beautiful Bunch

Mahshid Taste

Isadora Nim

Saba’s Rugs

Trio Sweets & Takeaway

Scarf Community Dinners

Sassy Organics

Levanter Cafe

Miss Fleurtisan

Wazzup Falafel logo

Wazzup Falafel

Assembled Threads

Dream Flooring Installation

Beit e’Shai

Huda’s Kitchen Rules

New South Wales


Oak Tree Gardening Services

Real Rhythm Studio

Sangee’s Kitchen

Lun Asian Massage

Danish Ravi Photography

Ati Art School

Racha’s Syrian Kitchen

W Art and Gift

Zac’s Great Food

Rosey Ravelston books

Be Taught Driving School

Aussie Bee Products

Khamsa Cafe

Afandi Cafe

Emmanuel Asante Art

Redfern Convenience Store

Gina Barjeel Fashion

Levant 2 Australia

Najla Sbei Art

Bags of Love and Peace

Billiano Designs

Bavan Foods

Natu Naturals

we are the mainstream

Raneen Shamon

House of Welcome Catering

Al-awael Restaurant

Norta Art

Niya Clothing

Uma Curry & Roti

Ghan Fashion

South Australia


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