Nazdana Bakhtiari

Nazdana Bakhtiari, an Afghan artist based in Sydney, is a multifaceted creator whose art resonates with nature, music and women's hope and joy in life. Through her pieces, she reflects on her journey, from a painful past to moving ahead to a more vibrant future ahead. Her portfolio also creates beautiful and intricate pieces of … Continue reading Nazdana Bakhtiari

Community Constructions

Located in Sydney, Community construction, led by former refugee Hidayat Osyan is not merely building structures but also constructing futures. Offering employment opportunities to refugees and individuals seeking asylum, it aims to empower refugees to build their new lives in Australia while creating new spaces for others that feel like home. With a heartfelt commitment … Continue reading Community Constructions

Dilnigar Alim

Dilnigar Alim, an extraordinary Uyghur dancer based in Sydney, has gracefully woven her cultural heritage into the fabric of Australian culture. With roots tracing back to East Turkestan - Silk Road also known as Xinjiang, her performances transcend borders, captivating audiences with the elegance of Uyghur traditional dance. Through her rhythmic movements, Dilnigar beautifully narrates … Continue reading Dilnigar Alim

Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations

Etem's Tailoring & Alterations, nestled on Auburn's main street, is a modest tailor shop that has earned a reputation among locals for its exceptional service, affordable prices, and warm atmosphere. Sitting at his sewing machine, Etem faces the street where he works diligently while offering warm greetings to those passing by. With a growing clientele … Continue reading Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations


Star Sweet boasts a team of passionate and creative pastry chefs who have spent more than 30 years honing their skills and traveling to various countries to satisfy your taste buds. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, their specialised chefs dedicate themselves to crafting high-quality cakes and desserts from scratch, baked exclusively from the freshest … Continue reading STAR SWEET PATISSERIE

Norta Art

Art is Therapy A Syrian-born artist who now resides in Sydney, Norta Barchin (@norta_art) has always been surrounded by art as both her parents were professional artists. By the time she reached her teens, Norta decided to turn her passion into a profession by pursuing a career as an artist and studying art, the only … Continue reading Norta Art

Rosey Ravelston books

We sell books that change the world! Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Rosey Ravelston is a small social enterprise. Managed by a couple of ardent readers and their dog Echo (who serves as their quality control expert), they’ve been able to combine their love of reading with their passion for supporting … Continue reading Rosey Ravelston books


Afghan Dining for Good Inspired by the streets of Kabul, Kabul Social welcomes you with more than just delicious food. They invite you to become a part of a broad and positive movement for good. Kabul Social serves as a foundation of the tales and strength of the people of Afghanistan. Using the universal love … Continue reading KABUL SOCIAL

Al-awael Restaurant

A family-owned Iraqi restaurant, Al-Awael Restaurant serves up delicious traditional Iraqi food in the heart of Western Sydney (Fairfield Heights). From their succulent Shish Kebab and heavenly Shawarma platter, Al-Awael offers authentic Iraqi cuisine worth remembering! Contact 📞 0431 244 697 Socials Location 📍 230 The BoulevardeFairfield Heights, NSW 2165

Aussie Bee Products

Based in Southwest Sydney, Aussie Bee offers high-quality authentic honey and specializes in offering a wide range of all-natural health and beauty products. Their wild flower ‘Jarrah’ honey and Aussie Bee moisturizer are just some of their famous products worth trying! Socials Location 📍 92 Haldon StreetLakemba, NSW 2195