Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations

Etem's Tailoring & Alterations, nestled on Auburn's main street, is a modest tailor shop that has earned a reputation among locals for its exceptional service, affordable prices, and warm atmosphere. Sitting at his sewing machine, Etem faces the street where he works diligently while offering warm greetings to those passing by. With a growing clientele … Continue reading Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations

Niya Clothing

Designed in Sydney and skillfully crafted in Sierra Leone, Niya clothing embodies the rich cultural heritage of skilled artisans. These dresses feature a dazzling array of colors, ranging from bold to earthy tones and eye-catching patterns. You can find Niya Clothing at market stalls around Sydney! Contact ✉️ Socials Location 📍 Sydney, NSW

Levant 2 Australia

Levant 2 Australia, established in 2021, aims to foster a shopping experience that embodies Arabic beauty and cultural essence. The clothing label showcases exquisite Arabic calligraphy, providing a platform to appreciate the artistry and elegance of Arabic writing. They offer a variety of products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, canvas, tote cotton … Continue reading Levant 2 Australia

Isadora Nim

This Melbourne-based design company offers bespoke tailored suits for women of all shapes and sizes, for all occasions. Contact VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Socials Location 📍 Carlton North, VIC 3054

Assembled Threads

Assembled Threads is a social enterprise that specializes in the production of Australian-made, ethical, and sustainable textiles and homewares using natural fibers. They are committed to create manufacturing jobs while promoting environmentally-friendly practices in the industry. Contact VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Socials Location 📍 605 Mt Alexander RdMoonee Ponds, VIC 3090