Rue Liew

Rue, a non-binary visual designer and ceramicist residing in Melbourne, has harbored a lifelong aspiration to be an artist. Rue emphasizes the urgent need for safe spaces, particularly within the art community, to support QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous & People of color) individuals. Moreover, their skills as a ceramicist allow them to blend artistic … Continue reading Rue Liew

Nazdana Bakhtiari

Nazdana Bakhtiari, an Afghan artist based in Sydney, is a multifaceted creator whose art resonates with nature, music and women's hope and joy in life. Through her pieces, she reflects on her journey, from a painful past to moving ahead to a more vibrant future ahead. Her portfolio also creates beautiful and intricate pieces of … Continue reading Nazdana Bakhtiari


This Iranian-owned Turkish kebab joint blends the flavors of two rich culinary traditions. Located in Roxburgh Park, VIC, Kebab 101 offers succulent kebabs, aromatic spices, and a warm ambiance. Their most famous item on the menu is their 1.5-meter island kebab that will truly satisfy your taste buds! Socials Location

Community Constructions

Located in Sydney, Community construction, led by former refugee Hidayat Osyan is not merely building structures but also constructing futures. Offering employment opportunities to refugees and individuals seeking asylum, it aims to empower refugees to build their new lives in Australia while creating new spaces for others that feel like home. With a heartfelt commitment … Continue reading Community Constructions

Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations

Etem's Tailoring & Alterations, nestled on Auburn's main street, is a modest tailor shop that has earned a reputation among locals for its exceptional service, affordable prices, and warm atmosphere. Sitting at his sewing machine, Etem faces the street where he works diligently while offering warm greetings to those passing by. With a growing clientele … Continue reading Etem’s Tailoring & Alterations


Star Sweet boasts a team of passionate and creative pastry chefs who have spent more than 30 years honing their skills and traveling to various countries to satisfy your taste buds. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, their specialised chefs dedicate themselves to crafting high-quality cakes and desserts from scratch, baked exclusively from the freshest … Continue reading STAR SWEET PATISSERIE

Sassy Organics

Sassy Organics is your go-to online retail destination for vegan and organic skincare, beauty, home care, and more. With an ever-expanding range of over 1600 products, Sassy Organics is on a mission to become the ultimate hub for organic, vegan, and cruelty-free living. Their best-sellers include the Antipodes Probiotic Night Cream and Eco Tan Winter … Continue reading Sassy Organics