Crafted in Syria, Alepp Soap is a plastic-free cleansing bar, enriched with skin-friendly olive and laurel berry oils, with a captivating scent. The brand's concept traces back to founder Kate Ryan's time as a volunteer at ASRC. Evolving into a social enterprise, Alepp Soap is also a registered social enterprise and charity which directs all … Continue reading ALEPP SOAP

Community Constructions

Located in Sydney, Community construction, led by former refugee Hidayat Osyan is not merely building structures but also constructing futures. Offering employment opportunities to refugees and individuals seeking asylum, it aims to empower refugees to build their new lives in Australia while creating new spaces for others that feel like home. With a heartfelt commitment … Continue reading Community Constructions


Let's work together to reduce your textile waste and create meaningful social impact! Australia's first corporate upcycling business, Loop Upcycling is a social enterprise based in Western Australia. Loop was established in 2017 with the goal of reducing corporate textile waste while creating a positive social change. Their mission is to decrease the 800,000 tonnes … Continue reading LOOP UPCYCLING