Rosey Ravelston books

We sell books that change the world! Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Rosey Ravelston is a small social enterprise. Managed by a couple of ardent readers and their dog Echo (who serves as their quality control expert), they’ve been able to combine their love of reading with their passion for supporting … Continue reading Rosey Ravelston books

Aussie Bee Products

Based in Southwest Sydney, Aussie Bee offers high-quality authentic honey and specializes in offering a wide range of all-natural health and beauty products. Their wild flower ‘Jarrah’ honey and Aussie Bee moisturizer are just some of their famous products worth trying! Socials Location 📍 92 Haldon StreetLakemba, NSW 2195

Hala Sekak Art

Hala Sekak is a talented Palestinian- Melbourne based artist, whose artistic creations draw inspiration from nature, her ancestral roots, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. Through her art, she weaves together elements that symbolize the desire for freedom and happiness, capturing a powerful message of hope for all. Contact ✉️ 📞 0411 123 456 Socials … Continue reading Hala Sekak Art

Ghan Fashion

Ghan Fashion's collections takes you on a journey of untold stories and unheard voices. Every piece is crafted with affection, aspirations for freedom and fairness, and the ability to transition from darkness to light. These collections are meant to honor life, joy, wisdom, dignity, and equality. Ghan Fashion specializes in designing personalized garments that perfectly … Continue reading Ghan Fashion

W Art and Gift

Syrian designer Wedad Jiniat creates beautiful resin art pieces by hand. Her unique creations are available for purchase nationwide. If you're interested in ordering one of her artworks, you can reach out to her through email or DM on Instagram. Contact ✉️ Socials Location 📍 Sydney, NSW

Emmanuel Asante Art

Emmanuel Asante, a promising artist and workshop facilitator, originates from Ghana and currently resides in Fairfield, located in Western Sydney, Australia. Throughout his artistic journey, he has drawn substantial inspiration from his rich cultural heritage, infusing it into his creative works. Although Asante is largely self-taught, his dedication and grit have allowed him to refine … Continue reading Emmanuel Asante Art

Natu Naturals

Discover a transformative haircare journey inspired by founder, Hassanatu personal transition from chemically-treated hair to natural and organic care. Crafting a collection of organic hair creams and serums made that promotes hair growth with soft and shiny hair! Contact VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Socials Location 📍 New South Wales

Beit e’Shai

Melbourne-based teas created by herbalist, nutritionist & artist Rasha Tayeh. After moving to Melbourne from Palestine, Rasha felt that Beit e'Shai (Arabic for House of Tea) was the perfect way to preserve her culture while merging her multiple disciplines in a coherent way. Contact VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Socials Location 📍 101/30 Perry St Collingwood, VIC … Continue reading Beit e’Shai

Sassy Organics

Sassy Organics is your go-to online retail destination for vegan and organic skincare, beauty, home care, and more. With an ever-expanding range of over 1600 products, Sassy Organics is on a mission to become the ultimate hub for organic, vegan, and cruelty-free living. Their best-sellers include the Antipodes Probiotic Night Cream and Eco Tan Winter … Continue reading Sassy Organics

Gina Barjeel Fashion

Introducing Gina Barjeel Fashion, a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in women's clothing and evening wear. Each garment is carefully crafted to be unique and tailored to individual preferences. Gina, the founder, is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion by employing women from various backgrounds. Furthermore, 10% of every purchase goes towards supporting a charity … Continue reading Gina Barjeel Fashion