Nazdana Bakhtiari

Nazdana Bakhtiari, an Afghan artist based in Sydney, is a multifaceted creator whose art resonates with nature, music and women's hope and joy in life. Through her pieces, she reflects on her journey, from a painful past to moving ahead to a more vibrant future ahead. Her portfolio also creates beautiful and intricate pieces of … Continue reading Nazdana Bakhtiari

Sparrow Art

Meet Peter Lubega, a dynamic artist and teacher from Uganda, now based in Melbourne. With talents ranging from street art and photography to teaching and graffiti, he's a true creative force. Originally from Kampala, Uganda, Peter brings his diverse skills to Australia, blending his heritage with modern expression. His art not only beautifies spaces but … Continue reading Sparrow Art

Norta Art

Art is Therapy A Syrian-born artist who now resides in Sydney, Norta Barchin (@norta_art) has always been surrounded by art as both her parents were professional artists. By the time she reached her teens, Norta decided to turn her passion into a profession by pursuing a career as an artist and studying art, the only … Continue reading Norta Art