Dilnigar Alim

Dilnigar Alim, an extraordinary Uyghur dancer based in Sydney, has gracefully woven her cultural heritage into the fabric of Australian culture. With roots tracing back to East Turkestan - Silk Road also known as Xinjiang, her performances transcend borders, captivating audiences with the elegance of Uyghur traditional dance. Through her rhythmic movements, Dilnigar beautifully narrates … Continue reading Dilnigar Alim

Music in Exile

Australian record label that promotes musicians from migrant and refugee backgrounds Contact ✉️ hi@musicinexile.com.au 📞 0403 287 844 VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Location 📍 Victoria

Real Rhythm Studio

Located in Fairfield, Real Rhythm Studio serves as a dynamic hub offering a recording studio, music school, and dance school all under one roof. Contact VISIT WEBSITE ↗ Socials Location 📍 Suite 516 Nelson StFairfield, NSW 2165