Afghan Dining for Good Inspired by the streets of Kabul, Kabul Social welcomes you with more than just delicious food. They invite you to become a part of a broad and positive movement for good. Kabul Social serves as a foundation of the tales and strength of the people of Afghanistan. Using the universal love … Continue reading KABUL SOCIAL

Ghan Fashion

Ghan Fashion's collections takes you on a journey of untold stories and unheard voices. Every piece is crafted with affection, aspirations for freedom and fairness, and the ability to transition from darkness to light. These collections are meant to honor life, joy, wisdom, dignity, and equality. Ghan Fashion specializes in designing personalized garments that perfectly … Continue reading Ghan Fashion

Zac’s Great Food

Zac's Great Food offers a comprehensive menu with authentic Afghan cuisine that caters to every palate! Their cooking philosophy revolves around creating fresh, vibrant, and delectable dishes, enhanced with a skillful use of spices. Whether you're a non-vegetarian or a vegan, their diverse range of steak, seafood, and Afghani options ensures there's something for everyone. … Continue reading Zac’s Great Food