Rue Liew

Rue, a non-binary visual designer and ceramicist residing in Melbourne, has harbored a lifelong aspiration to be an artist. Rue emphasizes the urgent need for safe spaces, particularly within the art community, to support QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous & People of color) individuals. Moreover, their skills as a ceramicist allow them to blend artistic … Continue reading Rue Liew

Nazdana Bakhtiari

Nazdana Bakhtiari, an Afghan artist based in Sydney, is a multifaceted creator whose art resonates with nature, music and women's hope and joy in life. Through her pieces, she reflects on her journey, from a painful past to moving ahead to a more vibrant future ahead. Her portfolio also creates beautiful and intricate pieces of … Continue reading Nazdana Bakhtiari

Sparrow Art

Meet Peter Lubega, a dynamic artist and teacher from Uganda, now based in Melbourne. With talents ranging from street art and photography to teaching and graffiti, he's a true creative force. Originally from Kampala, Uganda, Peter brings his diverse skills to Australia, blending his heritage with modern expression. His art not only beautifies spaces but … Continue reading Sparrow Art

Dilnigar Alim

Dilnigar Alim, an extraordinary Uyghur dancer based in Sydney, has gracefully woven her cultural heritage into the fabric of Australian culture. With roots tracing back to East Turkestan - Silk Road also known as Xinjiang, her performances transcend borders, captivating audiences with the elegance of Uyghur traditional dance. Through her rhythmic movements, Dilnigar beautifully narrates … Continue reading Dilnigar Alim

Norta Art

Art is Therapy A Syrian-born artist who now resides in Sydney, Norta Barchin (@norta_art) has always been surrounded by art as both her parents were professional artists. By the time she reached her teens, Norta decided to turn her passion into a profession by pursuing a career as an artist and studying art, the only … Continue reading Norta Art