Curated Dining Experiences

Curated Dining Experiences

We are proud to announce our new Curated Dining Experiences, and invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure where you will experience the finest and most authentic flavours from Syria, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka at our Social Suppers, a three-course dinner, and Cooking Classes. Join us on our journey to bring the world to your palates through our Curated Dining Experiences, delivered to you by talented refugee chefs. 
Working with talented and passionate chefs who are experts at their respective cuisines, we can guarantee that the end product – be it eggplant yalanji (traditional Syrian appetiser), sega wot (Ethiopian spicy beef stew), or the iconic knafeh (traditional Middle Eastern dessert) – will be fresh, flavourful and crafted with love. We are confident that you will enjoy every dish and even be left craving for more! If you’re lucky, you’ll also be treated to a story or two from our lovely chefs about their unique journeys.

Photos from our Ethiopian Feast in Wollongong with Sara’s Ethiopian Cusine

Photos from our Mother’s Day brunch fundraiser with Mums4Refugees

Photos from our Sri Lankan Cooking Class at Our Big Kitchen with Bavan Foods

Photos from our Social Supper in April featuring Racha’s Syrian Kitchen

Photos from our soft launch of Curated Dining Experiences at The Freedom Hub