Fashion for good | Ginan Tabboush

Ginan Tabboush is a well-established bi-poc fashion designer based in Western Sydney, whose inspiration for her streetwear brand GTAB, comes from the social issues she witnessed growing up while incorporating her Arab-Brazilian background. “Through storytelling, healing can happen especially for the voiceless”. She wants to highlight crucial topics seen through her upbringing in her designs … Continue reading Fashion for good | Ginan Tabboush

Loneliness and the Refugee Experience

In a world increasingly interconnected through digital platforms and social media, it may seem illogical that loneliness is a prevalent issue affecting people from all walks of life. But loneliness goes beyond physical isolation; it encompasses the profound emotional and psychological void that can emerge when individuals lack meaningful social connections. This challenge is often … Continue reading Loneliness and the Refugee Experience

Refugee Week with Sangee’s Kitchen

Welcome Merchant had the privilege of speaking to Chef Sangeetha Malar from Sangee’s Kitchen about her journey towards fulfilling her cooking aspirations. A single mother of three children who migrated to Australia in 2018 with a dream of becoming a chef and one day owning a food trailer. Sangee's Kitchen logo The beginning stages of … Continue reading Refugee Week with Sangee’s Kitchen


Welcome Merchant speaks to Niro Vithyesakar, a Sri Lankan-born refugee who 15 years ago made the move to Australia. He spends his time using his hospitality and business skills to provide authentic Sri Lankan street food. At various events, he has sold his dishes through his market stall Tuka Tuka Kothuroti Man for the past 5 years. … Continue reading SRI LANKAN NEW YEAR

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic Turns 5

On Wednesday evening, Welcome Merchant attended the 5th birthday celebration of Aunty’s Ginger Tonic, held at Canva Space in Surry Hills. It was a joyous event that celebrated both the achievements of founder Yarrie Bangura and wider African culture.

West by Southeast: Finding common ground through a Syrian-Filipino food popup

Guest Blog by Happy Feraren Two weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a dinner table full of strangers. To my right was a Filipina-Australian woman who founded a start-up that focuses on elevating refugee-owned businesses. To my left, a French chef who works in a tech company. In front of me, a Vietnamese researcher … Continue reading West by Southeast: Finding common ground through a Syrian-Filipino food popup