Mother’s Day gift guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re stuck on what to get your mother figure, Welcome Merchant has compiled a few gift ideas to get you sorted.

When it comes to gifts to shower your mother-figure, nothing seems fitting compared to their sacrifices and selflessness. We hope these gifts from refugee-powered businesses and social enterprises help spread the feeling of being appreciated and loved. 

Akira Grateful

Akira Grateful provides a range of skincare products founded by Priyantha Joseph who migrated to Melbourne, Australia from Sri Lanka in 1986. They offer locally sourced products that are free from Parabens and Sulfates. They sell body lotions, hand creams, soap bars and candles which are beautifully presented. Their product fragrances are derived from Priyantha’s homeland which ranges from cinnamon, gota kola, lemon myrtle, mango and coconut just to name a few. The name Akira meaning ‘to have graceful strength’ while also being either the first or middle initials of his family, showcases his gratefulness to be given a second chance. Shop for Akira Grateful products here.

Image via Akira Grateful

The Beautiful Bunch 

The Beautiful Bunch, founded by the Merchant Road team in 2020, is a Melbourne-based floral not-for-profit business, that offers women from refugee backgrounds the opportunity for training and employment. They provide an assortment of beautifully presented bouquets which also come in gift sets perfect for Mother’s Day. You can’t go wrong with an arrangement of flowers, a bottle of wine or even a scented candle to show your appreciation. All the funds received from the purchase of their bouquets directly assist them in further helping young refugee women to gain employment. Check out the Beautiful bunch for all your Mother’s Day needs.

Image via the Beautiful bunch

Lulu Craft

Lulu Craft was founded by Hazal Dogan, a jewellery maker in Melbourne who specialises in creating modern embroidered designs that reflect nature. All the products on offer are handcrafted and made from ethically sourced natural materials. The range of products includes fibre pendants, bags and wall hangings which are beautifully presented. Check out Lulu Craft here

Image via Lulu Craft

Akos Creative

Akos Creative a hand-crafted Melbourne-based jewellery brand founded by Lillian in 2017 and inspired by her West African Ghanaian culture, brings a vibrant and unique set of products. The products on offer are repurposed with sustainability being a core value with a focus on recognising diversity, community and wellness. The products on offer range from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories, tote bags and so on. Treat your mother figure to products from Akos Creative.

Image via Akos Creative

Angkor Flowers and Crafts

Angkor Flowers and Crafts, founded by Sophea Chea, is an online floral store that supports migrant and refugee women to gain access to employment opportunities. The name ‘Angkor Wat’ is the largest Buddhist monument of Angkor groups in Cambodia. It is a palace built by King Suryavaman II in the 12th century at a time when Cambodia was part of the Southeast Asian empire. To acknowledge and admire their country the name ‘Angkor Flowers and Crafts’ was used for their business. They offer a variety of vibrant flower displays for every occasion with a varying price range. These can also be accompanied by chocolates, wine, teddy bears, balloons and so on. See what Angkor Flowers and Crafts has to offer this Mother’s Day.

Image via Angkor Flowers and Crafts Social Enterprise

Munificent Wines

Munificent Wines a social enterprise founded by Chris Maddison and Owain Southwell decided to provide an affordable alternative to wine while donating 50% of their pre-tax gross profit to their partner SisterWorks Inc. It was a way for them to give back with the success of their previous wine business ‘Pail & Cooper’ in 2017. The drinks they have on offer range from Prosecco, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Buy Munificent Wines here.

Image via Munificent Wines

If you want more options check out our directory of talented merchants and what they have to offer this Mother’s Day.

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