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ArtistnMore a creative agency founded by Derick Frimpong in 2020 came about through a video podcast ArtistnMore Xperience where he interviewed a few friends in the industry and began sharing their stories. It then turned into a space where the focus was to help artists and achievers to collaborate, connect and cultivate. There were necessary tools provided to help those find their creative focus, maximise their creative potential and help them pursue their dreams.

The Inspiration behind ArtistnMore

Derick’s vision is to create an agency that connects those in the industry who are struggling to get their big break. His struggles along with similar stories shared by his friends prompted him to create a space where this issue can be tackled. Many of them raised concerns about not getting a lot of opportunities to showcase their craft. People from multicultural backgrounds often face disadvantages such as financial issues, being unable to gain exposure in a saturated market, and no centralised hub for them to connect and build each other up. Derick provides an example as a creative himself when it comes to making music where there are a lot of negatives around the type of music that must be created to get noticed. This is where the inspiration and his problem-solving nature kicked in. “Why don’t I create a solution for all the problems creatives face and build something purposeful, and meaningful, help them elevate and become the best versions of themselves”.

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Issues Faced by Creatives

Starting a creative endeavour in a new country isn’t always straightforward especially when there are limited opportunities to present your craft. The issues that Derick often heard were around connecting to people who understood them on a deeper level. The focus is on values, creative purpose, and individuals they can relate to and work with. Social media has proven to be successful in changing this outcome but there isn’t a specific place to find creative individuals from different genres. These genres include photography, visual arts, music, PR and business.

Financial issues are another major concern creatives face in sustaining their lives and their income. This is where the appropriate tools and practical ways to handle this situation are necessary from people experienced in the industry. “Mentorship is important in this instance especially for aspiring young artists to realise who they are as individuals and create an environment where they can thrive”.

Opportunities are being presented to creatives where they can connect through a community base. A lot of artists voice their concerns about limited ‘doors’ being open for them. Despite those who have been able to break into critical roles, they are unable to provide opportunities for other creatives seeking a chance. “Providing more opportunities for these up-and-coming artists but ensuring they are prepared to walk through those doors, sustain their craft and then move on to the next step”.

ArtistnMore Speakers

ArtistnMore not only highlights artists but also achievers such as speakers who are experts in their fields and want to share their knowledge. These include purpose preachers, business speakers, human potential, art, filmmaking, and storytelling. Allowing those who have lived experiences to share their wisdom and knowledge about topics that aspiring creators can relate to on a deeper level.

 ArtistnMore’s Success

Derick views ArtistnMores’ success through the people who have been impacted and the purpose of sharing knowledge and mentoring those to succeed. The people who have resonated with the purpose of his agency and gained vital insights to use for their craft. “We have past artists who have mentioned that an agency like ArtistnMore has been needed for quite some time”. He works with the artists and speakers collaboratively on events that are taking place to provide a platform for creatives to benefit from.

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Future endeavours for ArtistnMore

Establishing a strong community base of creative game changers is the key Derick hopes to achieve. “An organisation that is being talked about in Australia that is making an impact to the lives of creatives and seen as something revolutionary”. He intends to have the platform ready to build up the community with quality services worldwide, with the addition of mentorship courses for up-and-coming creatives. His dedication to building up Artist nMore includes a variety of services ranging from connecting individuals to industry experts, building teams, and highlighting those who are doing incredible things for the community so creatives can utilise these tools and gain inspiration. To continue providing creatives with a platform to hone their craft Derick hopes to focus on increasing their marketing and broadening their brand recognition.

The ArtistnMore Event

The ArtistnMore event brings you the ultimate creative experience on Saturday the 21st of October. Some of the acts you will be able to experience according to Derick are “young upcoming artists showcasing their talent, industry speakers sharing their knowledge and empowering messages, incredible live music performances from established artists for the community”. There will be something for everyone especially those who love to support multicultural artists and creators who want to see a community thrive.

Among the many talented creatives who will be attending the ArtistnMore event, picking a favourite wasn’t easy for Derick. “This is hard as I am looking forward to seeing all of them, but I would say two speakers that will leave an impact are Fundikira Kippaya and Effie Nkrumah”. He goes on to explain that both speakers have a wealth of knowledge to share, with Kippaya talking about becoming a game changer which embodies what ArtistnMore is. Nkrumah will be speaking on the topic of navigating as a multidisciplinary artist and being able to navigate through different genres with your talent.

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Derick shares his gratefulness for a chance to provide a service to those who will be attending, supporting from afar and those who aren’t familiar with ArtistnMore. “An opportunity to change people’s lives and allow them to realise they have something great within themselves and a gift that is meant to be given”.

If you would like to experience what ArtistnMore has to offer why not secure yourself and a friend a ticket? It is sure to be an insightful and enjoyable experience.

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