Turkey-Syria EarthQuake

On Monday February 6th 2023, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit southern Turkey in the Kahramanmaras province on the north of Gaziantep which lies near the Syrian border. It is said to have killed numerous people with the numbers rising each day. There were massive aftershocks felt which were recorded at 7.5 magnitude once again in southern Turkey. It has been reported that 41,000 people have died in Turkey and 58,000 in Syria. There were as many as 345,000 apartments destroyed and many people still remain unaccounted for.

Map showcasing where the earthquake and aftershocks took place in Turkey and Syria. Image via BBC/INGV

The current situation in Turkey has over a million people living in temporary shelters with around 80,000 injured still in hospital. In Syria it has left more than 5 million people without a place to live, while the existing civil war situation making matters worse. There are also concerns about the cold weather and hygiene situations which will further impact the affected civilians. The destruction of infrastructure and health care facilities has made circumstances even more dire for people. The sanctions placed upon Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s government has made it difficult for the country to receive much needed help.

Rescuers assist with locating and extracting bodies from a collapsed building. Image via YASIN AKGUL/AFP/Getty images.

When any natural disasters occur, the support of the public to aid those in need is crucial. An earthquake as devastating as this will take years for infrastructure to be rebuilt and for people to get resettled. The main focus is to get international humanitarian support where possible to help those in need. In turn they will be able to provide the necessities required to assist those affected by the earthquake.

How can we help?

If you’re able to help, these organisations are doing whatever they can to assist those affected in Turkey and Syria.

White Helmets also known as the Syria Civil Defence are assisting people in Syria affected by the earthquake. They are rescuing those buried and recovering dead bodies under debris. Donate here

Turkish Red Crescent also known as Türk Kilizay are on the ground in Turkey providing support for earthquake victims — by providing food, clothing, hygiene products etc. Donate here

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